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Skin ambulance – collagen masks.

Sometimes our skin needs urgent care. As a rule, such situations occur after diseases, seasonal dehydration, stress, stay in the sun, or the solarium. Fortunately, modern women always have one instantly effective remedy collagen face mask. How do they act? How does such a rapid recovery effect have?

Collagen is a protein that is a necessary component of components of tendons, bones, skin, cartilage tissue. Its lack results in loss of elasticity and elasticity of the dermis. Most commonly, marine collagen, which is produced from seaweed, is used to produce cosmetic masks. Unlike animal-derived collagen, marine collagen is small water-soluble peptides that penetrate the epidermis, creating an attraction of water molecules into deeper layers of the skin. This increases skin tone very effectively.


Collagen Essence Full Face Mask

Collagen masks have no contraindications. Care with collagen masks is recommended by cosmetologists to absolutely all women. They are suitable for any skin type, with any degree of maturity. Masks can be completely different in shape, structure, the main thing that in the composition is high-quality collagen. The most convenient of course are not liquid, but fabric, because then they do not need to be washed away) From what I tried, very much liked Collagen Crystal Facial Mask.

Collagen masks for face

Up to 20 years of age, the skin itself synthesizes the necessary amount of collagen and can maintain a sufficient level of tension and elasticity without unnecessary assistance. During this period, collagen masks are good as general facial care, elimination of seasonal skin exfoliation, improved water balance, and facial color.

At the age of 20-30, this procedure can become the prevention of age-related skin changes.

After 25 years the process of collagen production gradually decreases, the skin begins to lose tone, becomes dull, dry, face oval gradually loses clarity of contours, the first wrinkles appear.

At 30-45, collagen masks serve as an ambulance for withering skin and are used to constantly maintain it in tone.

At 50-65, when a woman experiences a period of menopause, the skin can dramatically lose its tone. Collagen masks and collagen serum (2 times a week) may be used as an ambulance. This will help restore the elasticity of the skin in a short time.


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